My name is Gregory Ferro. I am a former history teacher who has taken up writing history books. My first book is going to be about King William II. He was the son of the arguably more famous William the Conqueror, victor at the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

William II had an interesting life and an even more interesting death. The circumstances of his death remain murky. The king was hunting with several men in the New Forest on 2nd August 1100 and was shot and killed with an arrow by one of them, Sir Walter Tyrrell. To this day it is unclear whether this was by accident or on purpose but I have always believed it to be the latter. Many had motive to murder William. A prominent theory is that his brother, Henry, conspired with the French king and others to assassinate William so that Henry could seize the throne.

It is on solving the mystery of William II’s death that I will focus my efforts. In particular I am keen to determine whether an international conspiracy led Sir Walter to fire his arrow into the king’s chest deliberately.

A photo I took of the Rufus Stone in the New Forest, a memorial marking the place where William II was shot
The Sir Walter Tyrrell Inn, a pub near the Rufus Stone named after William II’s killer
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