I’ve been meaning to write about the big discovery I made two weeks ago, but life, as it so often does, overtook me. Now that I have a spare few minutes I can reveal all. After months of having my head buried in books about William II, I came upon on a little-known 14th-century history of England written by historian and priest Simon of Stonebury, which spans the reigns of William the Conqueror through to Edward III.

Studying it, I found a description of a rumour that circulated at the time of the Black Death about a malevolent doctor who, in the autumn of 1348, interrogated plague sufferers in London about a book. Not just a book, in fact, but a ‘book with a strange title’. Stonebury writes that the doctor threatened to exacerbate people’s conditions if they failed to satisfactorily answer his questions and that, interestingly, all those he questioned shared the same surname — ‘Godfrey’. Most significantly of all, Stonebury writes that the doctor was seen sneaking into an alleyway, talking to a strange device at his ear, and disappearing into thin air shortly after. Just like the man who killed William II.

My apologies for the brevity of this blog but I have a lot of reading and cross-referencing to do. This is the first piece of new evidence I have found that William II was killed by a time traveller and my first important lead in ages. A book with a strange title? What could it be? I will write again soon with more details.

One thought on “Time traveller who killed William II present during the Black Death?

  1. Hey there Ferro! Great blog! There’s just one little problem with the idea of time travellers talking to each other on phones in the Middle Ages… I’m pretty sure there were no signal towers back then!


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