The pub that’s actually named after a time traveller using a fake name

As you can imagine, my mind has been spinning ever since I read the deathbed confession of Purkis the charcoal burner and discovered that King William II was assassinated by a time traveller. It couldn’t have been further from what I was expecting.

The history books say that the shooter, Sir Walter Tyrrell (who Purkis said was using a false name), fled the scene of the crime and went to France. But there’s no information that I can find about what happened to him after 1100. I now know why. He didn’t run away to France at all. He went back to the future.

There are two main questions I am now investigating. The first is, when in the future did Walter come from? Our scientists today have not yet invented time travel, so that must mean that Walter is a time traveller from my future as well. Unless, of course, time travel has already been invented and is a closely guarded secret. Also a possibility.

The second question relates to the time travellers’ motives. They were trying to recover a book. I’ve been doing so much reading but I haven’t yet found any references to this book anywhere else. Importantly, Purkis said the king knew about it. He initially denied all knowledge, then admitted he had hidden it.

And if William II knew about it, others must have as well. Perhaps William’s chief minister, Ranulf Flambard, was involved? Perhaps he helped the king hide it?

My reading continues.

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